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This was probably my favourite episode so far. Below contains spoilers!!!!

you gotta love when a woman throws her sons urine at her soon to be ex-husband.

So the whole Dana being in the toy chest is out the window. If Zach did kill his baby sister, then she can't be the adult woman in the chest.
Maybe it's a nanny.. or it might have something to do with Mike.

I loved the irony of the fashion show - Bree telling Susan that she MUST be the last person to walk down because no-one could out do her. Considering the shit that went down on that Vanity Fair photo shoot, this just made me laugh. Susan walking out from the curtain and them all gasping and saying how hot she looked. Uhh huh, just shows how great they are at acting ;)

This episode had a lot of OMG'S! First Susan catching John & Gabrielle, then his mother finding out he's shagging an older woman - then John visiting Susan to tell her that he's in love with Gabrielle and his mother watching them. Tre cool.

I loved Susan's catfight 'It's for charity!!!!!!!!!!!!' as she gets her hair pulled. *grin* It certainly made Edie's day.
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